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June 20, 2017

The Monster of Florence

The Monster of Florence

Douglas Preston

When author Douglas Preston moved his family to Florence, Italy he never expected he would soon become obsessed and entwined in a horrific crime story whose true-life details rivaled the plots of his own bestselling thrillers. While researching his next book, Preston  met Mario Spezi, an Italian journalist who told him about the Monster of Florence, Italy's answer to Jack the Ripper, a terror who stalked lovers' lanes in the Italian countryside. The killer would strike at the most intimate time, leaving mutilated corpses  in his bloody wake over a period from 1968 to 1985. This true crime involves an unbelievable twist that finds both authors charged with obstructing justice, and one jailed on suspicion of being the Monster, himself!

Douglas Preston: http://www.facebook.com/PrestonandChild