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March 30, 2021

208: The Son of Sam & Me w/ Carl Denaro

208: The Son of Sam & Me w/ Carl Denaro

True Crime Tuesday investigates The Son of Sam & Me with guest Carl Denaro

In 1976, a killer who called himself ‘The Son of Sam’ shot and killed a half dozen people and wounded as many more in New York City. During his crime spree, the madman left bizarre letters mocking the police and promising more deaths.After months of terrorizing the city while garnering front-page headlines and international attention, a man named David Berkowitz was arrested. He confessed to the shootings, claiming to be obeying a demon that resided in a dog that belonged to his neighbor “Sam.”Among the alleged victims was survivor, Carl Denaro. This is his story!

All that plus Dumb Crimes and Stupid Criminals!

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